About Bluetrek and theLost Dog

Bluetrek: pioneer of Bluetooth wireless technology since 2001, is an award winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets and other wireless devices. Blending European design with cutting-edge innovations and technologies, Bluetrek is a leading supplier of Bluetooth solutions to the global market and has products available through distributors and retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide. Bluetrek is associate member of the Bluetooth SIG and CEA.

Bluetrek Technologies launched its smart phone accessory product range in the 2010 HKEF in Hong Kong.

Created by Aurele, a renowned French post-industrial artist, the LostDog is the metaphor for people of this generation.

“We are all lost dogs,” said Aurele, “wandering and lonely, lost in political and media oppression, disease, pollution … The LostDog art pieces remind us to love, to share, to commit, to be brave, and to take care of our environment. They also alert us not to be tied down by unnecessary constraints, to free ourselves from psychological and material boundaries.”

The Bluetrek LostDog smart phone accessories

With the recent technological advancements in the handset industry, smart phones (and tablet PCs) have become the most indispensable devices in our lives. Bluetrek, the pioneer in Bluetooth accessories, believes many smart phones users will share and relate to the values of the LostDog.

Made from carefully researched natural, recycled, or recyclable materials, to provide the best protection to mobile electronic gadgets, user friendly designs are incorporated with the LostDog artworks of Aurele. The Bluetrek LostDog product range currently features a number of pouches and cases for Apple’s iPhones and iPads that will extend to cover other popular smart phone brands as well as related peripherals in the near future.

“We are lost in the face of ever changing technology. Technology is more and more sophisticated and some of us feel lost in front of it,” said Nicolas Olivier, CEO of Bluetrek Technologies, “The LostDog pouches and cases help us better adapt to these hi-tech gadgets and make technology more human-friendly.”

“Given all the information we trustfully keep in our mobile electronics, it becomes more and more vital not to lose them,” added Mr Olivier, ”Bob the LostDog will take good care of your mobile electronics, including having a unique serial number on each LostDog item to help you locate it in case you have unfortunately misplaced it.”

Art saves Life

In the early 1980’s, Aurele discovered on a street in New York the placard of a lost dog named Bob. He found all the ills of our society on the placard, including:

  • We are lost in the face of pollution, war, epidemics, and poverty.
  • Money rules our lives.
  • Action = Satisfaction
  • Silence = Death
  • Wanted: where there is a will, there is a way– the first step to changing the world.
  • Friendship: that’s what everyone is looking for.

“The LostDog is a metaphor for our way of life” says the artist, “That dog is you, it’s me, it’s tomorrow.”

In the past 25 years, he created many art pieces on the LostDog to convey his themes of loss, wandering, loneliness, political and media oppression, disease, pollution, etc. These art pieces include paintings, photography, videos, sculptures, and monuments. His latest work is the LostDog Museum which will be sitting on the bund of the Shanghai City when completed.

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